Commercial Window Film

Commercial window film on your building will add to your company’s image! It also appeals to anyone having to work inside the building — the sunrise...

Home Window Tinting

Offers protection from the sun’s harmful rays, insulation from heat and glare, without distorting the view through your windows. Home window tinting can: » C...

Auto Window Tinting

Your car looks hot, you stay cool. Choose Solar Care for auto window tinting in Oceanside, Escondido, Carlsbad, Camp Pendleton and window tinting in North San D...

Window Tinting Oceanside

Solar Care has provided auto window tinting, home window tinting and commercial window film in northern San Diego, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Escondido, Camp Pendleton and more.

Solar Care window tinting in Oceanside is a full service mobile tinting company with nearly 30-years expertise. Auto window tinting, home window tinting and commercial window film as well as decorative window film, and security window film too.We offer the highest quality window film and factory trained installation professionals to ensure your window tinting project is done right.

Window Tinting from Solar Care mobile tinting can help you save, we routinely beat our competitors prices and quality. Instead of going to a shop, we will come to you and save you money in the process.

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Window Tinting Solutions in Oceanside

You may be installing new windows or want to upgrade old ones, our window tinting solutions in Oceanside will provide you a world of benefits. You will save on energy expenses, protect and extend the life of your furniture and equipment , add more privacy to the space and protect your employees or family against accidental glass damage. When it comes to window tinting solutions in the greater Oceanside, CA area, Solar Care is the expert. Choose us for our 30+ years of experience in the industry and for the benefits we help bring to your home or office.  

Save on Energy Expenses

When our experts tint your windows, you are taking a major step in reducing your energy bills. The tint film helps minimize heat loss during the winter and keeps maximum heat outside during the summer. This means you will be spending less on heating or cooling during the different seasons.  

Protect your Furniture & Equipment

Natural light is welcome into our homes and offices, but not at the cost of the fading of our expensive furniture and equipment. This is where our window tinting films help you address both the issues – natural lighting and protection. We will install the highest quality films to ensure maximum protection for your home or office interior. We will use special UV protection films that will reduce the fading effect on your costly carpet, furniture, fabrics and office equipment.  

Protection against Glass Damage

In the rare event that your windows are physically damaged, our window tinting solution will help ensure that no one gets hurt because of the glass fragments. Even when a window is damaged, the film will keep all the fragments in place. So virtually the window will remain sealed from external elements until you can replace it. We can also install thicker gauge tint films that protect your building against storms or vandalism.  

Reduce Glare

Getting some natural light into your workspace or living space is important. It saves your lighting needs and creates a healthier environment. However, it comes with the issue of glare, which can make it difficult to watch any type of screen. But we can install window tinting films that can significantly reduce the glare.   If you have any type of window tinting requirements, contact Solar Care, the industry-leading experts at 877-726-8468.